Motivational & Sustainability Lectures

I give lectures about my extreme cycling and mountaineering expeditions to inspire people toward conscious and sustainable living. Social conventions govern much of what makes us happy, what we are afraid of, and what we are capable of. The mind is our most powerful tool, and often all we need is to flip a tiny switch in order to approach a problem or opportunity from a completely different angle. My lectures showcase my extreme commitment to our planet, and these stories aim to convey how much influence we actually have over these conventions, how much we are truly capable of, and how little we truly need in order to live a happy life. I hold optional workshops after each lecture to put practical, usable tools into the hands of my audience.


Cut your utility bills and further your ESG mission

Running a company effectively takes a large amount of energy, but where you source that energy can have a huge impact on both your bottom line and your emissions. With a detailed energy plan for each client, I can help you drastically reduce your energy bills and drive impact toward your sustainability goals. We’ll look at HVAC, raw materials use, corporate operations, and many more categories to optimize your strategy. In addition to cost savings, our progress toward energy efficiency can be included in your annual ESG reports, boosting your company profile and value. 


Sustainability workshops

Let’s calculate our environmental impact and emissions together! In these data-driven sessions, we will assess the emissions caused by our everyday consumer patterns and individual lifestyles. Choose between a quick one-hour session or a multi-day intensive according to your company’s needs.

Two-hour session:

  • Calculate the greenhouse gas emissions caused by transport, nutrition, heating and the use of everyday items and devices
  • Discover solutions for reducing the environmental impact of our consumer habits
  • Gain insight into how we can bring about large-scale change


9-session workshop series divided into 2 or 3 days:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the energy demand of our everyday consumer habits
  • Explore the complex environmental impacts of transport, food, heating and cooling, hot water production, the use of household appliances, and everyday items
  • Develop comprehensive strategies for large-scale positive change
  • Learn to distinguish greenwashing from genuine sustainable services and products